Quba Gone Virtual!

Quba Center Gone Virtual – Quran Classes, School and Halaqahs

Assalamu Alaikum Dear Community Members,

We are still suspending group gatherings until further notice at Quba Center. We follow the guidelines and recommendations of the national Islamic organizations and Center for Disease Control (CDC). We will keep monitoring the situation carefully and keep you updated.

Since we are not physically in the center, we want to interact and connect with each other’s virtually. Just like we are working from home and we use the necessary tools to do that, we will also use the necessary technology tools to connect with our community.

*Quran Classes & School*
Our Quran classes led by Sh. Abdelrahman Elridi, already launched their live online classes. Alhamdulilah, We are able to continue teaching Quran to our students.  We have contacted all parents and students have started participating in these virtual sessions.

Preschool, Pre-K and KG are implementing ‘Distance Learning’ program for the young learners, which will include class virtual sessions as well one-on-one virtual sessions for brief time slots along with physical learning material distributed to parents by week.  We have contact all parents.

*Learning Sessions (Halaqas)*
Our Friday halaqah will be broadcasted live on our Facebook page every Friday at 8:00 PM
Our weekend Saturday and Sunday halaqas will continue but at a different time. Weekend halaqas will be at 03:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday.
Saturday halaqa is about early Muslims scholars. Sunday halaqah is about the life of Abu Bakr may Allah be pleased with him.

*Coronavirus Assistance Fund*
As you know, many people around the country lost their jobs. Our community is not an exception. The time of crises is also a time to repent to Allah and to give Sadaqa. We are setting a corona assistance fund to accept your donations and distribute them to people in need.

Please click here to donate to this special fund

If you or anyone you know has lost their job in this time, please direct them to our website to fill out the application form. 

*Stay safe and reflect*
Please stay safe and follow the CDC guidelines, State guidelines, and the direction of county and city government.
Since you cannot go the mosques for prayers, please make a space in your house dedicated for prayers. Pray in congregation with your family and set a specific time for iqama.
Moments like these are a good chance to reflect on reality of death and go back to Allah. Utilize the extra time to increase our religious knowledge and get connected with the Quran.
Please pray sincerely and beg Allah to forgive us and lift this disease from us.


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