Acacia Lane Loc. Closed Aug 7

As you probably know there are two major activities within HSQI premises (Acacia Lane); school and masjid. The school is managed and run by HSQI and the masjid services is managed by Quba Center.
Alhamdulilah, the HSQI school is growing and expecting more than 300 students this academic 2018/2019 year starting late August.  Our community and people who attend our regular halaqas are also growing.  As we are growing, it was decided to move the masjid activities from the current location by August 7th.
Starting August 7, Quba Center will no longer manage the masjid activities.
Those activities include:
Saturday Fajr prayer followed by Hadith class and community breakfast, Sunday Fajr prayer followed by Seerah class and community breakfast,  Jummah prayers and food sale, bi-weekly sisters halaqa, and Ramadan services. We are planning to have more halaqas in the future inShaAllah.
As far as Jummah prayers, HSQI will continue Jummah prayers in the current location. So there will be two Jummah’s; one in the current HSQI location and the other in the new location in Ashburn.
We are currently negotiating on few properties in the “broader Ashburn” area and will announce our new location address via WhatsApp group, Facebook, emails, and in our website (
We would like to thank the community for their generous support during our last fundraising in Ramadan. The money collected will be used to rent and operate in the new location. We will continue to need your support now more than ever to support the new location.
If you have questions regarding the HSQI School, you may address them to sheikh Samiullah or Sheikh Burhan.
If you have questions regarding Quba Center, you may address them to any of Quba’s board of directors by using email address below.
Board of Directors,
Quba Center (under construction)

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