New and exciting Islamic Education programs for Kids and Adults are now open for registration! Navigate to Islamic Education menu to see different programs

Academic Year 2020/21 Preschool & Elementary program has been put on hold until we can offer safe and productive learning environment as per LCPS guidelines.

Quba Community Halaqahs and Duroos have gone virtual! Checkout live and recorded videos in our Online Halaqahs Library section.

Quba Center <br> An Islamic Education Community Center

Quba Center
An Islamic Education Community Center

Our mission is to establish a full time Islamic Education Center in the ‘broader Ashburn’ area and focus heavily on providing Islamic education to all of its community and formal program for preschool to 5th grade students.

Our definition of community includes entire family including kids. We want to focus on kids and youth activities so they love coming to the center.

Amidst COVID-19 crisis, Quba has gone virtual! For our online library of online halqahs, please navigate to Quba Education

Quba Center is a Registered 501(c)(3), Tax ID 83-0626326

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Our Programs & Services

Preschool & Elementary

Academic Year 2021-2022 Planning In-Progress. Pre-school, Pre-K, KG in a 'Montessori-like' program. High Teacher-Student Ratio. Learning Made Fun!

Kids Islamic Education Evening & Weekends

Ages 3+ Personalized Quran, Islamic Studies and Arabic Program; Weekdays and Weekends

Prayer Services

We are currently not a full-time masjid and ONLY offer Daily Far/Isha Salah. We also offer Jummah. Other Salah services during classes and duroos, and Ramadan Isha/Taraweeh/Eid Prayers.

Community Classes

We offer many community learning programs such as Quran Tafsir, Hadith, Seerah, Halaqahs on various topics, Leadership & Communication classes, IT Programming classes and many more...Click above for online library of halqahs

Community Events

Virtual Community Events; Eid Drive Thru

Our Financials

Donor Reports

Our Schedule

Prayer Timings

COVID-19 Policy in Place: Masks Required; Temperature Check at Entry; Bring your Wudu & Musullah with you; Stay 6ft Apart

Currently, ONLY Daily Fajr/Isha offered at Quba.

Friday Prayer Times (Khutbah Start time):

Kids & Adults Education Program

Kids & Adults Education Program


We have exciting programs open at Quba during limited COVID programming. All our programs follow strict COVID-19 guidelines. Masks required, temperature check required on entry, own musullah and wudu required for prayers. 6 ft distance apart.

1) Quba Daily Fajr and Isha

2) Quba Friday Prayers

3) Kids Islamic Studies Programs

A) Kids Arabic Program

B) Kids Islamic Studies Program

C) Kids Quran Program

4) Adult Arabic and Tajweed programs Coming Soon!

Please register online by using the Quba Education menu at the top. All registration information and forms are available there.

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Recent News & Announcements

COVID-19 Zakah Fund Setup Sun, 29 Mar, 2020

*Coronavirus Assistance Fund*As you know, many people around the country lost their jobs. Our community is not an exception. The time of crises is also a time to repent to Allah and to give Sadaqa. We are setting a corona assistance fund to accept your donations and distribute them to people in need. [+]

Quba Gone Virtual! Sun, 29 Mar, 2020

Quba Center Gone Virtual - Quran Classes, School and Halaqahs Assalamu Alaikum Dear Community Members, We are still suspending group gatherings until further notice at Quba Center. We follow the guidelines and recommendations [+]

COVID-19 Activities Cancelled Sun, 29 Mar, 2020

Jummah and Weekend Fajr along with ALL Activities at Quba have been CANCELLED until further notice Assalamu Alaikum Dear Community Members, Quba Center Board had issued a statement last night to our community indicating that a limited Friday prayer would b [+]

New Location Open Now! Mon, 01 Apr, 2019

We are pleased to announce that by the grace of Allah swt, Alhamdulilah, Quba Center is not settled and open in our brand new facility at 22149 Davis Dr., Suite 180, Sterling, VA 20164.  This location is ri [+]